Sensory friendly holidays [3]: What do other experienced bloggers say

After I was done with my two posts about sensory friendly holidays: what to do at home and outside your home I realized that many other bloggers wrote about their own experiences. I may be a professional in the field of sensory integration and I try to soak all the stories I hear from the parents I work with to help others, but I do not have experience of living with a sensory kid myself. Closest I got was being an aunt of one <3. So, I would like to dedicate this post to all the families who have sensory kid(s) and are taking their time to write about it so we could also benefit from their knowledge. Here are three articles I found useful:

A Sensory Life: Sensory Prepared for the Holidays!

  • Keep in mind that 10-15 minutes at the holiday dinner table will likely be the maximum amount of time the child can handle.  A kid friendly side table with a ball chair as the seat would be best.

Happy Sensitive Kids: 5 Ways to Reduce the Festive Period Stress for a Highly Sensitive Child

3. Talk to Your Children’s Teachers

If you know what your children will be doing in school, and when, you can co-ordinate and keep things low key at home.

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation: How to Make the Holidays Fun for Sensational Children by Lynn Witzen, MS, OTR

When changes in the school routine occur, it is important to compensate by providing greater predictability and structure at home. This is a great time to make a holiday calendar.

Thank you!

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