Activities on the way to the kindergarten / school and back

So, it is just a matter of how you perceive your way to the preschool and back. If you walk to the preschool and back, you can see your path as a road and a sidewalk which gets boring and less creative, or you can let your imagination go wild. Can it be a racing track? Sure, if it’s safe and not many people around to bump into. Can it be a car exhibition? Awesome, for my nephew at least. I am almost positive this is how he learned to speak, by proudly pronouncing (grandfather’s) Opel and (mom’s) Renault.

IMG_3248 photo 2 photo 3

During the winter, take the slides and make it a fun ride home. But what to do in that dull, grey, rainy season? Well, get the rubbery boots on and go wild! There’s nothing more fun and interesting for kids to do than run through the puddles of water. They make noise, they feel different to our feet and in a way, it’s a forbidden  fruit so it makes it all more pleasurable. I even allowed my niece and nephew to walk on top of the fences of other people’s houses. Not something to be proud of, I know. But in my defense, I was 35 weeks pregnant and could not carry them more than a few minutes at the time (they were 10kg each at the time). And it was great. They got the high perspective that they needed so my sister’s couch had a break that day. Otherwise, pre-bed time looks like this:

IMG_1744 IMG_1745

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